Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Truly paranoid in a B school

Now i can truly say i have become a part of a bschool.We hade to make a pres. on Mandi economics in eco class today and we hardly prepared anything yesterday. Our slides were made while other groups were making their presentation. our discussion took place on the spot...and we gave out a lot of global fart...but still we could manage a decent enough show...just goes on to show how much we are already been moulded into the B school psyche in just a month...........
...........Arbit Choudhary would have been proud of us

with luv



thanks for commenting on my blog...
nice blog you have here.
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harsha said...

U hav rightly commented abt the presentation..we were also one of them who did everything on the spot!

Anish - "I Dream in Hyperlinks" said...

…..reminds me of not but of the number of occasions we did this while I was in b-school :)

Shubham said...

Arbit Choudhury is indeed proud of you my friend !! After all, these are some characteristics all.. well.. almost all B-schoolers share..

Hope you have a grand time @ NITIE, just like I did..

All the best!
Shubham Choudhury
Arbit's co-father

Anonymous said...

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